Saturday, December 5, 2009

Noir Gothly

Was out and about With my friend Seven she had found a free shoe store. We where hanging there and Diane had to leave so we where just hanging out and Noir Gothly Tp'ed in. I said nice head wear she had on this cool antlers. She has a BlogsSpot so She said she was about to Post about the out fit she had on and gave us a LM to a hunt she was on. Looking forward to going on it as well and grabbing some of the cool stuff! You have to check out her BlogsSpot and Follow her she has some cool stuff up there and her page is super cool! Nice to meet you and thanks for the friendship! Will be reading your Blog and hope to see you around!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Well My Club was returned. I am jobless and homeless. Well was to i finally decide that I would no longer wait around for any one. I rlized waiting for Lolita to want me to help will never happen. So it is time for me to move on and upward from that place. I have always thought I did not fit in and always thought I was getting played cause i am young but not to dumb. I gave it my every thing and got nothing but a spit in the face in return. So i have moved on to a London Sim. Going to work it for a while new view. New place to call home, enjoy the people they seem to truly like me and are not there to lie to me and give me false hopes. I still love Lolita and her sim, But when you tell me you want my help then want it don't just sit back and not be there and don't have time for me when it is your sim I am trying to improve. Glade I found a spot where people get that, and does truly want my help. I will always miss where i came from and still go back there when truly wanted there. Tell then i shall live in London.